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About University Ambassadors

University Ambassadors--Ohio State tour guides--are passionate about Ohio State, articulate, fun and dedicated to recruiting the best and brightest Buckeyes. We typically like to see students who have had some experiences on and off campus as well so that they can share their stories with prospective students and their families.


  • Lead campus tours for prospective high school students and their families, as well as for other constituencies
  • Lead campus tours for school group field trips community organizations, and early college outreach groups
  • Represent the university in other capacities, such as escorting dignitaries and serving on student panels
  • Assist with administrative work within Undergraduate Admissions and First Year Experience

University Ambassadors are different than University Hosts or college-based Ambassador programs

  • University Ambassadors primarily give full campus tours to prospective students and guests. They are paid student employees of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • University Hosts primarily mingle with and welcome prospective students and guests to Ohio State. They interact with families at the start of their admissions visit. They are a volunteer program within Undergraduate Admissions.
  • College-based Ambassador programs will vary with responsibility. A college may need student ambassadors to serve as hosts, student panelists, desk attendants, building/lab tour guides or other assorted roles within the college.

A student can be a University Ambassador as well as a University Host or college-based Ambassador if they are selected for the applicable programs.


Aside from the lifelong skill of walking backwards, students gain a great skill set from this position. Ambassadors gain public speaking skills and the ability to think quickly on their feet. Also, there are countless opportunities to develop both as a leader and a professional.

Being a University Ambassador is an exceptional opportunity!

  • Have fun!
  • Network with other student leaders
  • Develop lifelong friendships with other Buckeyes
  • Work with different populations and diverse individuals
  • Improvise and think on your feet
  • Practice thinking critically and strategically
  • Gain more information about the opportunities that Ohio State has to offer
  • Share your passion for Ohio State with others
  • Share your positive personal experiences to leave an impact on future students
  • Practice project management
  • Build logistics skills
  • Travel to other colleges and universities to share tour perspectives in a peer-to-peer format
  • Get a glimpse into an important aspect of the Higher Education/Student Affairs field

Applying to be an Ambassador

We will have two hiring cycles beginning in January; one for summer 2014 and one for fall 2014. The application for both cycles is currently closed. To learn more about University Ambassadors, view the information presentation or contact us.